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Classic Deviled Egg Recipe

The variety of ways you can top these nutritious snacks off with enticing ingredients is nearly endless.

We show you step-by-step how to make deviled eggs that will have everyone asking for more!

These tasty treats are often made during such holidays as Easter, Thanksgiving, and the Christmas Season. Many people like to serve these tasty hors’ devours as appetizers at various get-togethers and social functions as well. This just goes to show how versatile deviled eggs really are.

How to Boil an Egg

For starters we will want to hard boil our eggs. This recipe calls for 6 eggs but you can certainly adjust this as needed if you plan on serving a larger group of guests. We recommend that you add a couple of “practice” eggs into the boiling pot as well. We will explain why this can be a good idea in our section on peeling the the hard boiled eggs below.

The process is simple the results are delicious. It really does not take too much time from start to finish especially if you have your ingredients ready to go.

Chill Hard Boiled Eggs

Here you can see how you can do a “quick” chill of the freshly hard boiled eggs. Basically you can just place them in a bowl, pour in cold water and add some ice cubes. Of course you could place the eggs in the refrigerator to chill them but this will take quite a while longer.

It is a good idea to thoroughly chill the hard boiled eggs before you attempt to peel them. A chilled hard boiled egg will be easier to peel than one which has not been chilled. In a future post we will take a peek at an alternative to this, which has always worked quite well, but for now this is the safest way to go which is least likely to damage the egg whites.

Normally it is not so important to be concerned with how the eggs look once they are peeled but since these are deviled eggs, the egg whites will be be quite visible when you present the dish and you don’t want your deviled eggs to be missing small chunks or have “tears” in them.

You will likely discover how challenging it can be to peel a hard boiled egg without slightly damaging the whites. This is why you may want to add in a couple of “practice” eggs when you are boiling them, just in case you accidentally damage one during the peeling process.

When the eggs are nicely chilled after several minutes, peel them under a faucet running cold water over them as you carefully peel them.

Once all of the eggs have been peeled you will want to cut them in half lengthwise then remove the yellows and place them into a bowl where we can then start the “mash and mix” portion of this classic deviled egg recipe.

Now the real fun begins as our hard boiled eggs will soon be transformed into tasty looking deviled eggs. The look of the egg whites is important because they are so prominently seen. Egg whites which have been torn or otherwise damaged will not look nearly as good.

At this point you may begin to see why it is so important to have perfect egg whites as they are part of the overall presentation of your deviled eggs. Basically the goal is for the egg whites look nice and smooth with no “tears” or “cracks” in them.

Boiled Egg Halves

It is really easy once you get the hang of it and your extra careful touch will leave your guests both impressed and anxious to taste your appealing deviled egg recipe.

Once the egg yolks have been removed and placed in a bowl you can begin to gently crush them up with a fork until they are evenly crumbled.

Crushed Egg Yolks

The egg yolks themselves are very easy to crush at this point because they have been cooked and chilled. It will feel as though they are basically crumbling and this is perfectly normal.

Once all of the ingredients have been mixed in with the crushed egg yolks you will have the filling which will be placed in the egg whites and your deviled egg recipe will be almost complete.

You can simply use a spoon or a small rubber spatula to carefully fill the egg whites with. Be sure to evenly distribute the egg yolk mix into the egg whites leaving each with a slightly rounded top.

The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to adding “toppings” to your deviled egg recipe. Let your imagination go and just experiment (you never know what you may discover).

Easy Deviled Egg Recipe

Now that you know how to make deviled eggs, see the detailed list of ingredients and simple steps for our Classic Deviled Egg Recipe along with a wonderful selection of all of our favorite deviled egg recipes. All of our free recipes are easy and tasty providing good nutrition for you and yours.